• Our manufacturer UNP has strength of 150 people including Sales, administrative and production professionals.
  • UNP has two manufacturing plant with production area of 58000 sq. feet and open area of 55000 sq.ft for future expansion.
  • UNP has very large moulding capacity up to 30Kgs single shot which makes us capable of moulding large diameter valves. We do injection moulding process and best in the world for lined valves.
  • We produce all the valves in-house including lining of PFA material, machining, testing and we own a casting plant as well.


Our UNP own an Investment castings plant and resulting to this, we have basic raw material always available to meet any big volume deliveries of both projects & replacement businesses. Investment castings is one of the top most process of any casting method and you will get top quality valves with consistent quality.


We are the Manufacturers has full range in Lined Valves & Plastic Valves made of PVDF & PPH material.
Please write to us for any volume, any sizes from small to large diameter and our deliveries are best in the world for both Class 150 & Class 300 Valves.
Butterfly valves we keep stocks up to 24”, Ball Valves we have up to 12” and since we own the Investment Castings plant, always we have castings readily available.


We have full range of stocks at Houston:


We have huge experience in handling projects & we are highly capable in supply PTFE Lined Pipes & PFA lined fittings and please read our product details

We supply new chemical plant projects, expansions, renovation & modernization projects and we work with all global consultants & technology supplier of Chloro Alkali & Specialty chemical plant manufacturers and please write to us for references

We work with Jacobs, UHDE, Bayers, BASF & much more large chemical companies & consultants